Team Building Barcelona:
the great experience of escape game

Exclusive Team Building for better teamwork

A real-life physical adventure game with 5 escape rooms in which teams (2-6 people) are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within 60 minutes! Could you do it?

Try something new: unique and unforgettable program tailored for teams in Barcelona

Can your crew handle the pressure? Are you curious, how your colleagues behave under different circumstances? Or do you want to prove your troubleshooter skill?

  • Incredible amount of fun
  • Popular place among locals
  • No queue
  • No matter what the weather is
  • No worthless activity
  • Just making memories together

An escape room what makes teamwork more efficient in real life

Challenging terrain where employees become co-workers within 1 hour. This experience will push participants out of their comfort zone and challenge their social competences.

  • Time effective
  • Promotes communicative competence
  • Encourages players to use their brain
  • Creates positive attitudes towards problem-solving
  • Reduces anxiety of making errors

Companies who escaped

The perfect activity for teams, where you have to learn as the only key to success how to communicate properly with each other.

Adela S., (Barcelona, Spain)

You’ll live a great sensation there with a group of colleagues, partners or even bosses. 100% recommendable. I was there and was so exciting! :D

Pol A., (Barcelona, Spain)

Did the psychiatric room, team spirit needed! It was great puzzle and great experience.

Christina C., (Nicosia, Cyprus)

We have done with my team both rooms and had such a good time! A different experience, really worth it and staff is friendly

Kate A.

Lovely way to spend an hour with people from your workplace. It’s a great team experience, where you solve mysteries as a team racing against the clock.

Eivind O.

The experience was simply awesome! Very original and very, very fun. I have to note that it’s not just the playful side thas was awesome, but the educational side. Situations like the ones that Chicken Banana creates are perfect to strengthen ties between partners of the business and take them further than just the work environment. Once again, amazing idea from our job partners and we really appreciate that the business took us there, I’d repeat without a doubt!

Jaime Solana, (Reparalia)

Still now I’m wordless to explain how fun the room scape experience was to celebrate the end of the fiscal restraint year in Barcelona. Excitement, nerves, teamwork and especially a lot of laughs and fun are the concepts that pretty much describe it, and I appreciate the opportunity to have fun all together outside the office and spend a different and exciting time.

Abel Ferrero, (Reparalia)

In the end it really brings you together as a group and encourages you to work together.

Anna F., (Barcelona, Spain)

Base services

Teambuilding is also included in Group and Personal analysis

Team building

An unforgettable experience in which you can forget about everything for an hour. Work as a team, get to know your teammates better and have fun. RELEASE THE STRESS!

Included in booking price.
Top selling

Group analysis

If you want to discover how your team works, what roles they have among them or how they communicate, Group Analysis with the advice of a Professional Psychologist is perfect to solve all your doubts!

Includes the following:
  • Detailed psychological analysis about your group how they work together as a team

All analysis will be performed by our contracted professional psychologist with master degree in Psychology.
From 29 € - Pay per player

Personal analysis

Do you want to know the potential of one of your workers in particular? Are you thinking about promoting one of your employees but you have doubts? With the Personal Analysis in charge of a Professional Psychologist you will obtain the necessary information to make your decision.

Includes the following:
  • Detailed psychological analysis about your group how they work together as a team
  • Detailed psychological analysis about each player focused on their individual skills
From 39 € - Pay per player

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Fun and unusual puzzles!


You are working for the mob. Your mission is to recover the evidences on Felix Manchunga, the Barcelona mafia kingpin: the photos taken by a private detective. Do whatever is necessary to complete the mission but do not forget who you are working for
Players: 2-6
Recommended age: 12+
Style: Classic
Tension and many problems to be solved!


You are in the asylum of Barcelona. Its director, Dr. Steinberg makes illegal electroshock experiments on patients. In the course of time have been disappearing patients and staff... You are patients of the asylum. Will you be able to escape in time?
Players: 2-6
Recommended age: 16+
Style: Tension
Pure adrenaline and dynamism!


The fearful Regime is watching ever closer. The Leader has never been stronger and people disappear every day. Why are they gone? What did they do? But most importantly, can you do something to stop this? Would you wait to be the next one?? It's time to take action now!
Players: 4-6
Recommended age: 16+
Style: Realistic


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Solve the mysteries! Represent the Mafia, survive the Psychiatry or escape from the Prison!

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Teambuilding is also included in Group and Personal analysis

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Gran experiencia para pasar un rato genial en grupo. 100% recomendable!!! Que ganas de volver!!!! Jejje.

Posted by Georgina Belchi Rosell on  Sunday, July 5, 2015

See all the useful info and strengthen the team spirit with a live room escape game in Barcelona!

Frequently asked questions

What does a game cost?
Our rooms could be reserved from the price 18€/person depending on the number of players in a team.
Choose the exact price tailored for you on the booking site!

How many people can take part in the game?
Our games are designed for 4-6 people in Prison room and for 2-6 people in the rest of the rooms, with a maximum capacity of 30 people per session. This program is also recommended for smaller and bigger firms; no matter whether you own a startup, run a family-based enterprise or work for a multinational company. Teams have the opportunity to book more rooms at the same time and play against each other as separate teams.
Let’s the competition begin!

How long does a game take?
The game itself is up to 60 minutes. We have an introduction and briefing before the game and a short chat after it. All together it takes around 90 minutes.
Let’s have a try!

Which language can we play?
Choose between the English and Spanish languages! The game is proper for international firms and non-spanish coworkers as well; you can play it in 2 languages: English and Spanish.
Pick up a fitting date and play in a language you want.

Is our escape game suitable for any corporate party?
Christmas, birthday or summer closing celebration? Perk up any corporate parties with some excitement!
Brace your crew for the ultimate amount of fun!

On which days can I play?
We are waiting for you Monday to Sunday from 10.00 AM to 9.10 PM
See our timesheet for the free dates!

How can I book a room?
Reserve the rooms online, scroll down and at the bottom of the page or
Click here to book now!