What is a room escape game?
Chicken Banana created a new live escape game ideal for 2-6 people. Besides solving puzzles and mysteries you may encounter unexpected surprises during the one hour of game time. You may need not only to form a team but to think with your friend's mind in order to complete the mission. Being locked in a room with hidden dangers may bring the best or worst out of you but whatever it may be, you will surely need it to complete the mission on time. Who knows, you may discover an unknown side of yourself, or of your teammates.

How much time does the activity take?
The game itself is up to 60 minutes. We have an introduction and briefing before the game and a short chat after it. All together it takes around 90 minutes.

What is the price of the game?
Our prices are starting from 18€/person and depends on the size of each team. The larger the team is, the cheaper will it be for each player! Please start booking to see availability and exact prices!

Is the game fearful?
You may find some elements of the games fearful, but overall the goal is not to frighten you. On the rooms page you can find the rating of the rooms in terms of difficulty and fear level.

What if we're stuck? Do we receive help?
Yes, in each game you will find built in help options. You will not be stuck in the room till the end of history, we let everyone leave when the time is up.

Can we play in English?
Yes, our rooms are fully playables in english. The game mainly does not require any language knowledge, hovewer, team members should understand each other.

Do we have to arrive on time?
Yes. Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled starting time. This allows you and the team to ease, prepare and leaves you full 60 minutes of gameplay. When we are ready we will open the door for you. Please note that the booking will be declined if the team is 15 minutes or more late.


How can I make a reservation?
You can only make the reservation online on our webpage. You will have to choose the room, date and time. A reservation can be done in 76 seconds using your credit card.

Should I pay in advance?
Full payment is required at the time of booking. (Any extra payment can be done by cash or credit card upon arrival at the game.) Our game slots are sometimes booked really fast, so do not hesitate to reserve your desired date and hour!

What is the minimum team size?
To get the best experience we recommend you to be at least 3. If you cannot find another player there is no problem: book for 3 and play just the two of you. (The minimum team size for the Prison room is 4.)

What is the maximum team size?
All of our rooms have a maximum capacity of 6 players per game. If you are more than 6 please book two or more rooms and play simultaneously. Let's have a competition!

How can I modify or cancel my reservation?
Please note that due to the nature of our live games once the booking is made, refunds, cancellations or reschedules are not accepted.

Can I get my money back if we cannot escape?
In case you do not manage to escape the room within the time limit we cannot make any refunds. But we can still cheer you up with some fresh bananas and a big smile!


What is the minimum age to participate?
Even though room escape games are designer for adults, children older than 12 years can attend and enjoy our Mafia room, always accompanied by an adult. Because of the special features included, the Psychiatry and Prison room have a minimum age of 16

What if I'm pregnant?
Firstly, it's fantastic, congratulations! :) About the game: absolutely no problem! However, if your pregnancy is advanced please play in our Mafia room.

Who cannot participate?
We reserve the right to not admit people under the effects of alcohol or non prescribed drugs. In this case, the reservation will be lost with no refund.

What should I wear?
Anything you feel comfortable in. The best is if you put on some casual pieces that let you move freely. There will be no need to climb nor will you have to use physical strength. However do not leave your glasses at home if you need it normally.


Why is Chicken Banana good for a Team Building event?
Team members have the opportunity to playfully find their roles and responsibilities as part of a team. As a result, they can practice and develop acting individually but thinking as a team player. It is extremely useful for both employees and their team leaders!

How can I organize a Team Building event?
We have special offers and packages designed especially for companies. Please visit our webpage made for companies by clicking TEAM BUILDING in the upper menu.

We are 50-100-200 people. How long does the activity take?
We can host 30 players simultaneously every 100 minutes. Our Game Masters are experienced with large groups, so we can guarantee a fast and fresh experience for everyone.

Can I pay by bank transfer?
We understand that some company policies does not allow online payments for their employees. If it is needed we will adjust to fit the company's rules to ensure a smooth and easy cooperation.

Can I get an invoice?
Yes, without any problem. Please notify us during the reservation process, and send us all company details in advance. We will automatically send you the proper invoice.

For more information and special offers please visit https://www.chickenbanana.com/teambuilding